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Contributions to Parity are encouraged from many different disciplines and specialisations. By contributing to Parity, you will help us to reflect a broad range of voices and perspectives for our Australian and international audiences.

Browse the open call for contributions below to find out about our upcoming issues. Suggestions for articles are always welcome, and support to develop your draft is available.

May 2022

The Salvation Army Response to Homelessness

The first edition of Parity to focus on the work of one organisation, this edition reflects on the work of The Salvation Army over the course of its long history, its work today, and its future directions.

Deadline for submissions: 13 May 2022

June 2022

Education and homelessness

This edition will examine the interconnections between education and homelessness, including a focus on early-years education, compulsory years of schooling, post-compulsory education, and adult education opportunities. 

Deadline for submissions: 10 June 2022

July 2022

Pregnancy and Homelessness

This edition seeks to raise the profile of pregnant women without a home, in an effort to produce social changes that deliver a new approach to lifting women and their babies out of a cycle of adversity and deprivation.

Deadline for submissions: 17 June 2022

Publication schedule

The Parity publication schedule for 2022 includes:

March: Homelessness and Social Work

April: Homelessness and Young People

May: The Salvation Army Response to Homelessness

June: Education and Homelessness

July: Pregnancy and Homelessness

August: Restructuring and Reforming Homelessness Services in South Australia

September: The Victorian Response to Homelessness

October: Responding to Homelessness in the Northern Territory

November: Role of Info Technology in the Response to Homelessness

December: Histories of Homelessness

To learn more or to discuss any element of the publication schedule, please contact Noel Murray, Parity Editor, parity@chp.org.au 

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