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Goal 1

Embed person-centred models of practice

Person-centred models already exist within the specialist homelessness sector (SHS). Building on these will more firmly place consumers at the heart of service delivery decisions.

Goal actions

Actions relating to this goal include:

Document a person-centred practice approach for the specialist homelessness sector (SHS), building on existing SHS resources.

Develop person-centred practice guides, with program logic for appropriate SHS service types and roles.

Goal deliverables

Deliverables relating to this goal include:

Document an SHS person-centred practice approach, building on the established frameworks and other current sector approaches, including the Opening Doors framework, other current sector developments, and organisational approaches to practice.

Undertake sector consultations.

Participate in the VCOSS-led process to develop person-centred principles for practice in the community services sector.

Build SHS person-centred practice approach with principles developed through the process that VCOSS is leading, as part of the Community Services Industry Plan.

Goal progress

Work has commenced on this goal. The initial focus on this goal includes:

A literature review and consultations with the sector to inform the development of an agreed definition of a person centred model of practice.

The definition will have two elements: a core definition for use in the community services sector, and a definition with SHS specific contextualisation, for instance, person-centred practice in the SHS (other sectors can provide their lens).

Developing a capacity building resource that documents good practice, examples of person centred practice in the SHS, strategies for its implementation and practice advice.

This work will directly inform the VCOSS Community Services Industry Plan’s goal of developing of person-centred principles for practice in the community services sector.

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