Victorian Homelessness Media Awards

Recognising outstanding reporting of homelessness

Led by Council to Homeless Persons with the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, the Victorian Homelessness Media Awards recognises and encourages outstanding reporting of homelessness and related social issues.

About the awards

The media plays a critical role in shaping understandings of homelessness. Media reporting can either perpetuate myths and stereotypes, or help to break them down.

The Victorian Homelessness Media Awards encourages responsive and respectful journalism, committed to fostering productive conversations that focuses on the systemic issues that underlie homelessness.

CHP media guidelines

Read the CHP media guidelines for reporting on homelessness

Ready to submit your entry?

If you have read the eligibility criteria and have your entry prepared, it’s time to apply.

Eligibility and prizes

All entries to the Victorian Homelessness Media Awards must comply with eligibility guidelines, and the winner of each category will be awarded a prize.


The Victorian Homelessness Media Awards is independently judged by a diverse and representative panel, who look for exceptional reporting on issues of homelessness and related issues.


If you have a comment or query about an element of the Victorian Homelessness Media Awards, please contact chpmedia@chp.org.au